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                                                                       The FOP exists to strive for betterment of the law enforcement                                                                                    profession for the individual officer and the collective membership.

                                                              By improving working conditions, wages, and benefits, and by

                                                          monitoring and proposing effective legislation, the FOP provides a

                                                        service and benefit to the law enforcement profession and the

                                                     public to which it serves. FOP members across our nation believe in

                                                  our national motto: "Jus Fidus Libertatum" which translates to "Law

                                                is the Safeguard of Freedom".  


                                           The Idaho State FOP Lodge promotes the goals and spirit of the

                                        National FOP Lodge within the Gem State.  As we develop this site,

                                     we hope to have all the information necessary to educate the local

                                  law enforcement as well as the public as to what we do.  This

                                website is currently under construction and will be changing

                            constantly as we continue to make improvements and share


Welcome to the Idaho State

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge

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