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Political Action Committee

The Idaho Fraternal Order of Police Political Action Committee was created to support candidates who support law and order and support law enforcement officers.  The FOP has a saying “Law and Order is the Safeguard of Freedom.”  No one knows the dangers of an officer more than officers.  We also know the dangers of elected officials who enact pro-crime legislation that puts officers and citizens in danger.


Look no further than states and cities that enact pro-criminal, anti-police laws and you will see violence and chaos. Don’t let that happen here in Idaho.


‘Progressive” elected prosecutors have vowed not to enforce quality of life crimes.  When quality of life crimes are no longer charged, quality of life ceases to exist


The Idaho FOP has invested thousands of dollars and resources into lobbying against policies that put our citizens in danger.  We have supported candidates who support law and order.


We have stood up to criminal justice reform that puts citizens in danger and turns communities into crime zones.


We need your help now more than ever!  


Make no mistake, there are “defund the police” efforts in Idaho.


Please donate to the Idaho FOP PAC and help us support pro-law enforcement,  law and order elected officials.

ID FOP Voter Guide
Idaho FOP - Voters Guide
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