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In September 2017, the Board of Directors of the Idaho State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police transferred the Chaplain’s Fund to form the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police Foundation.  Thistransfer was the all-importantfirst step in realizing our missionto provide the following support to Law Enforcement Officers and Public Safety Personnel:


  • Support Law Enforcement Officers and Public Safety Personnel who have been injured or disabled in the line of duty;

  • Support the families, widows, and orphans of Law Enforcement Officers and Public Safety Personnel who were killedin the lineof duty; and

  • Provide postsecondary education scholarships to assist academic students who are dependents of Law Enforcement Officers and Public Safety Personnel.

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To accomplish these purposes, the Foundation has been granted tax-exemptstatus under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). The employer identification number is 82-4194664.


Since the foundation is in its infancy, we have few dedicated funds to accomplish our foundation goals.  Thisis not only an excellent opportunity to come in on the ground floor of building upon our initial efforts, but also to show support for local law enforcement and their continued service to the residents of Idaho.


As a donor, your contribution will assist us in laying the groundwork for a successfulfinancial future and ensure our ability to accomplish our mission of providing support to Law Enforcement Officers, Public Safety Personnel and their families for years to come.


We thank you in advance for your contribution and support.


To donate, contact Chaplain/Treasurer Brian Birdsell at

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