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Foundation Scholarship

FOP Scholarship Eligibility Requirements


The Idaho State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police Board of Directors created the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police Foundation which has established scholarships to be used at Colleges and Universities throughout the United States to assist academic students who are dependents of the members of this organization.  The award for each scholarship will be determined by the Board up to $1000.  All applications must be submitted through your Local Lodge President no later than January 31, 2020.

  1. Must be a dependent of a member of the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police who has been in good standing within the last year.

    • The definition of dependent is any spouse, child, stepchild or child, under the legal guardianship of an FOP member.

  2. Must be a current registered full-time student (12 credits minimum each semester).

    • Please attach proof of enrollment.

  3. Must be a U.S. citizen and an Idaho resident.

  4. Must be entering as a college sophomore or higher.  First-time applicants will be given first preference.

  5. Applicants who will be or are receiving full-ride athletic or scholastic grants-in-aid cannot apply.

  6. Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 accumulated grade point average.

    • Attach a copy of the transcript.

  7. Continuing university or college applicants placed on disciplinary probation prior to receiving the scholarship will forfeit the award.

  8. The recipient will be expected to maintain full-time student status for the award period.

  9. Applicants will attach a headshot photo as well as a one-page essay to this application, outlining their academic goals and objectives and how the award of this scholarship will assist them in meeting their future challenges.

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